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Divert hosting revenue into your pocket

Reduce build time and increase margins

Improve conversions for your customers

$199 /m
+ $9 per Site

Unlock your website workflow

With integrated workflows you can save hours a month in build time or create a new revenue streams.

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Unlimited Seats

Pro CMS Access
  • Centralized Command Palette
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Serverless (No Hosting)
  • Dynamic Components
  • Mobile Styles
  • Live Editing
  • All My Sites View
  • 1 Click Site Creation
  • Static Deployment
  • Multi-Language Deployment

+ $9/m

Per Site

Site Capabilities
  • Unprecedented Load Speeds
  • Custom Domains
  • Staging Environment
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Free SSL
  • Ready to Scale
  • Custom Fonts
  • SVG Friendly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Add Custom HTML/CSS/JS

It's time to outgrow WordPress and build on Sites™

The.com used to be a website agency and started building sites in 2012. We got tired of making excuses for security, third-party plugins, version updates, and load speeds. So we built The.com Sites™ for our team. Now we are giving it to the world.

With hosting gone, you can put that monthly revenue in your pocket.

What's Included

How Long to Build a Custom 5 Page Site20 Hours8 Hours
Google Load Rank57%90% +
Component BuilderX
Serverless Static DeploymentX
Digital Asset ManagmentX
Cost to Deploy*$35/m$9/m
Deploy Site
Google Page Speed Insights57%90% +
Serverless Hosting
SSL Included
Staging Environment
Deploy All
Connect Domain
Built to Scale
Create Site
The.com Editor
Mobile Styles
Command Center
Duplicate Site
Live Preview
Edit Hover / Psuedo States
Add Raw HTML / Scripts
Multi-Language Deploy
Drag & Drop Custom Fonts
SVG Friendly
Add to Head
Create App Site
Component Variables
App Sheet
Import CSV / Airtable
Component Feed
Quick Embed
Site Teams
Digital Asset Manager
Site Cards
Add Team Members
Add Customers

The Dotcom is a platform for building better websites faster - made for agencies, developers, and designers.


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